4 Horsemen in the Clouds

I saw a meme on social media, it was clouds that looked like 4 men riding horses. I am fairly sure it has been photoshopped. That does not really matter. A friend, and someone with whom I use to attend church, posted the following comment attached to the post: “Proof that God is returning soon to call home His people.”

It amazes me how ridiculous this seems. I wonder if I ever would have thought the same thing. I am sure I would have found beauty in it, and I am sure I would have thought of god. I am not sure if I would have considered it photoshopped or even cared.

Even if the clouds were real and natural they had nothing to do with the end times. The need or obsession with seeing “signs” in everything now looks like insecurity in some of faith and some kind of superstition in others.

Even if god was real, I do not think he/she/it would manipulate clouds in one localized area as a sign of the apocalypse.

What are some of the crazy things you have seen religious people believe as a sign from god?


  1. tsentientpuddle · March 7, 2016

    I’m trying to think of something I believed as a Christian that wasn’t crazy …

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  2. pcts4you · March 7, 2016

    When I was on the “slippery slope” of researching if AA and faith based “cures” were bullshit or not, I case across the term Significancenter Junkie. It’s perfect. No matter what, whatever happened to me is all part ofor of a male, monotheistic deity’s plan. Which, invariably, all focused on what he was doing for me. Either because “I was too thick headed to see it with my own eyes”, or, “HE was doing for me that which is couldn’t do myself.”

    Religion massacres homo sapiens dignity, intelligence, and reason.

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  3. pcts4you · March 7, 2016

    *Significance Junkie. That’s the term. Remind me not to post from my tablet… Unless god made me spell it that way.

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