Don’t Vote Anti-theist

Today in the USA I exercised my right to vote. I found a problem within myself this morning. My inclination was to vote for whomever was the person I felt to be the least religious. My mind was screaming to vote for anyone but a religious person. I think that is a problem.

When I was a christian, I voted for the most religious person whenever possible. I was willing to forsake everything else and ignore the heart of the political issues just to have a leader that seemed more christian.

I do not want to be anti-theist in my mindset. I do not want to be anti-religious in my politics. I will tell you what I do want. I want to make the best decisions I can make. I do not want to get into one point of view and lose my ability to look objectively at multiple points of view.

I want to keep my mind open, my senses sharp, and use my brain to vote for whomever I think is best, not who is the least religious or fundamental.

That being said, I evaluated the candidates, I thought about who I should vote for and why I should vote for them. I voted with intent and purpose. (I did not vote for a candidate that I consider driven by religious convictions.)


  1. sallybr0wn · March 1, 2016

    I have found the pandering the politicians do to the religious right disturbing. I’m still right of center and won’t let their belief push me away, but I do wish they didn’t have to go on about Jesus being their savior. Just talk politics!

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  2. Violet · March 2, 2016

    Do you have negative ideas about what an anti-theist is? Why don’t you want to be one?

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    • adisillusionist · March 2, 2016

      I just don’t want to be set in my ways and thoughts. That is how I got to be blind. I want to understand the truth and be able to reason. I do not want to default to any particular mindset.

      Right is right.


      • Violet · March 2, 2016

        I don’t understand how an antitheist is “set in their ways.” Many antitheists have been *seriously* harmed by religion and have excellent reasons for trying to keep it out of our politics. They are not blind, they feel strongly about something that has deeply affected them…this is no different than anyone else who votes for things they feel strongly about. You may hold a different opinion, which is fine, but be careful about throwing shade at antitheists. How many have you known, and what do you know of their personal stories that shaped them into an antitheist in the first place? My guess is not much.

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      • adisillusionist · March 2, 2016

        Violet I am on your side on this. Maybe you misunderstand. Those antithesis have reason to good reason to vote to keep religion out of politics. I have good reason to vote to keep religion out of politics.

        I can also say I never intended to belittle anyone else’s situation or life’s experiences.

        What I am trying to say, for me personally, I do not ever want to do anything as important as voting on impulse, period.

        My inclination was to go automatic pilot and vote antithesis. Being on automatic pilot and following what other people I respect believe is what got me into my situation.

        I cannot think of any time stopping to research candidates, issues, and their personal stances before I vote would be a bad thing.

        Violet, do you understand what I am saying? I am saying be informed and think through what you do when making important decisions.


      • Violet · March 2, 2016

        Yes, I do understand the basic jist of what you’re saying is, “use your head when you vote.” I have no problems with that at all. My point is that an anti-theist is no less likely to use their head than anyone else.

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      • adisillusionist · March 2, 2016

        I totally agree and even think it is likely they are to be more likely to think things through than most theists. I just don’t want to fall back into not thinking for myself. I am also trying to encourage others to continue thinking for themselves.


  3. Robert W Ahrens · March 2, 2016

    First off, just to get the disclaimer out of the way, I am an atheist.

    That said, I am not *specifically* an anti-theist at the ballot box. I DO tend to vote for people who I feel will use reason, science and logic in deciding matters of public interest within their office’s preview. However, there is a distinct subset of Republican politicians who are what many of us call Dominionists. Their particular platform is to create a theocracy out of this country, and I oppose that completely as treasonous against the Constitution and what this country has always stood for.

    I will ALWAYS vote against these people, regardless of their positions on issues, even though it is a specifically religiously based decision – or, if you will, an anti-theist position.

    In some ways, religion matters, and if a politician’s religion informs his policy making decisions in such a way that he/she ends up trying to force those religious views on the public, yes, I will take an anti-theist position towards that candidate. To me, that is non-negotiable.

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    • adisillusionist · March 2, 2016

      I am total fine with that. To me, you are informed, you know why and when religion is the line in the sand. I made similar decisions today.

      I just did not want to be blind to the issues or make a hasty decision.

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    • Brent · March 2, 2016

      Well stated, Robert.


  4. tsentientpuddle · March 2, 2016

    “That being said, I evaluated the candidates, I thought about who I should vote for and why I should vote for them. I voted with intent and purpose. (I did not vote for a candidate that I consider driven by religious convictions.)”

    I’m wondering if you were surprised by that? It seems to me someone trying to serve two masters (his constituents and God) will do neither justice. And as we don’t believe in God, the compromise seems a terrible one.

    Which is not to say you should just vote for someone who is obviously not a Christian. Donald Trump is obviously not a Christian, but he claims he is to get votes. This makes him the worst choice of all.

    Anyway, as it is not mandatory in your country, I congratulate you on exercising your right.


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    • adisillusionist · March 2, 2016

      I was a bit surprised that I had not put more effort into research. I just planned on voting by my instincts and what I have heard on TV.

      The whole point of my post was I got into this situation by just listening to what other people I liked or respected and believing it. I do not want to be in that mindset when it comes to important decisions.

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      • sallybr0wn · March 2, 2016

        Even tho I’m no longer a Christian and I do not like the pandering the right does to the evangelicals, I’m not going to not vote for a candidate strictly because he’s a Christian or says he is one. There are so many other issues.

        I feel there is a lot of pressure to move left once a person has left their faith. And if if I don’t, it’s because I’m still locked into my old way of thinking. I have changed my mind on some issues, but it hasn’t been a complete swing to the left. I’m still the same person, just I no longer believe in god .

        I’ve seen petitions wanting an atheist supreme Court Justice. I find that silly. I don’t want to use a religious litmus test. I do not like when Christians only want Christians and I do not like atheists only wanting atheists.

        In my lifetime I’ve had run ins with really mean atheists and really mean Christians. I do not believe using a person’s belief or non belief as the determining factor is the best way to pick your candidate.

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      • adisillusionist · March 2, 2016

        Right, I don’t want to fall into someone else’s mindset. I don’t want to vote anti-theist just because I don’t believe in god. Now, I do think this race is one where I could eliminate a candidate or two because I think their religion would keep them from being a good president.

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